Hemp Services

Hemp production can be very challenging if you're not properly prepared.  Agland Management Consulting, Inc has programs in place to minimize risk for the grower and to maximize production through efficiency and integrity. We have the hands on experience to know what we're dealing with and how to appropriately treat problems that may come our way.  We offer both consulting programs and full on management programs.


Site selection & inspection to determine if your site meets industry leading standards. 

Strain selection for your specific climate & location.

Nutritional programs that cut costs and increase yields.

Pest & disease monitoring & management.

Greenhouse development & management.

Pre-harvest planning to determine infrastructure needs to get your  crop to market.

Harvest services for both smokable flower and biomass.

Drying and trimming services for smokable flower.

Biomass processing & storage.

Seed breeding & nursery programs.

Our team is dedicated to helping our clients become successful in this industry. Our unique background in commercial agriculture and years of commercial hemp cultivation have given us the necessary skills to lead our clients to success. If you are planning on growing hemp or maybe you already have but it didn't work out like you had hoped, gives us a call and we'll put together a strategic plan built around your existing infrastructure. Here at AglandMCI we strive to produce strong yields and high quality. Grow with us. 

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